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Guoyang provide you with Women pajamas

How We Survive /

Guoyang offer OEM & ODM services for all garment brands & retailers. We know the key issues that we can survive and be prosperouse in the market, that’s competative price, good quality and in-time shipment!
To achieve the targets, we set up careful order operation procedure, with the help of ERP software, and also set up strict quality control procedure, follow ISO standard and inspection standard with AQL.

1.We will take pre-production meeting, include merchandiser, production line leader, shop manager, Production manager, QA manager and QA, to review the pp sample, tech requirement, tech profile, customer’s fitting comments and other comments that we shall take care, to make sure everybody understand.


2.Fabric into Warehouse, we will check the fabric quality.

3.We use sub-contract printing and embroidery mill. When printing or embroidery fabric piece come into warehouse, we will check all the pieces.


4.After fabric cut, we will check the fabric piece one by one.


5.When sewing start and the first ready garment once finished, our QA will check every details of this first garment, including tech, craft, fitting, labels, etc. And make a first-garment inspection report.


6.When the garment sewing is in process, we have QC to inspect the sewing garments in-line. And if found defect garment, go back to re-work immediately.

7.After sewing finished, there are QCs to check the garment one by one, remove loose threads and inspect garment.

8.After inspection, garments will be ironed. And after ironed, QCs will inspect once more, and if good, they will pack into polybags. So for garments, we will have total 3 inspection procedures!


9.After packing 100% finished, all the garments packed into cartons, our QA will randomly pick cartons and do final inspection again, according to AQL2.5.


10.For order control, we will use ERP system to set up plans once order confirmed, for all the details time schedule. And then in actual operation, the system will compare plans and actual progress, if any late, the system will give warning, to merchandisers and supervisors, to ensure all the order details are in time and control.

order control2

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