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My Dear Friends
Here I am glad to introduce our company to you!
Guoyang company was set up in 2007. Before that we are export department of JiangyinXinwuren Garment Co.,Ltd.
We are about 2 hours’drive from Shanghai, and 2.5 hours’drive from Hangzhou. We are located in the biggest textile base of China, which includes huge amount of all kind of textile resources, including fabrics, trims, sewing factories, etc.
There are 280 workers in our factory, and also we got some sub-contract factories, which are all within half an hours’drive, which are all in our control.We offer OEM service for customers. Wespecialize in all kinds of knitted garment, especially sleepwear, ladies fashion, etc.We exported about 15 million USD in 2015. Our capacity is about 400,000pcs per month by our own factory, and it is about 1,200,000pcs per month including our sub-contract factories.
We are especially proud of our order control and quality control, which is the reason why we survive in the market! Our aim is to make our customers sleep well once they placed order to us. And at the same time to control cost, to offer competitive prices for our customers, help them to achieve their budget target.
For more, please review more boards, including Our Customer, Our Workshop, Order Control, Quality Control, Certificates, Management Team.
Welcome to visit our factory!

Yours Faithfully

General Manager
Matthew Jiang


Tel: 0086-512-58682217
Address: No.115, West of Shazhou Road, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China